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    Right Power AVR

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  • Capacity is used to indicate the quantity of electricity stored in a battery.', 300)">Capacity
  • Capacity 1000VA
  • Inputs are the signals received by the unit.
  • To supply power to UPS input, a power cord is normally used.
  • The input section is how AC voltage is supplies to the UPS and may be an attached or detachable power cord or hardwired terminals. Small UPS have a combined input and bypass point and larger UPS have separate Input and Bypass terminals. ', 300)">Input
  • Voltage Range 165 - 280Vac
    Frequency 50Hz or 60 Hz +/-1Hz
    Output Efficiency >96%
    Output Socket 3 x Universal Socket + 2 x 2-Pin Socket
  • Outputs are the signals sent from it.                          220Vac , 230Vac, 240Vac +/-5%

  • The output section is where the critical load is attached to or plugged into the UPS.

  • Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz +/-1Hz
    Output Efficiency >96%
    Output Socket 3 x Universal Socket + 2 x 2-Pin Socket
    Status Indication
    Meter 1 x Digital Display (Output Voltage)
    L.E.D 3 x L.E.D. (Working, Delay, Unusual)
  • A sudden transient that increases the voltage.
  • Surge occur frequently, but can be as such short duration, that you may not notice them.
  • Surge can travel through electrical, telephone and cable lines.', 300)">Surge Protection & Filtering
  • Lightning / Surge Protection Yes
    Phone/ Fax / Modem Protection RJ45
    Dimension D x W x H (mm) 168 x 215 x 90
    Net Weight (kg) 3.6
    Color Dark Blue